New Year New Mantra

To believe is to do and the way to see it through starts and ends with you. Capable am I to boost my spirits high. Take a chance and defy I. via Daily Prompt: Capable ©Megan Matos, January 2017 Header image downloaded from

2017: Challenge Accepted

Growing up there were two things that were almost guaranteed to me in school and they were a C average in math and a 20 minute mile run time. While they have no direct correlation to one another they were two things that I absolutely dreaded having to complete. I remember contemplating lading wrong during…


Tangled are the lights in the box of decorations
bumping bellies with the ornaments and tinsel garland
Handmade treasures filled with memories that are worth more than gold

…and After

Little victories bring the greatest satisfaction because it’s a reminder achievement is possible.


These times were the start of the darkness
The fuel of resentment for who I was
The growing hatred for what I looked like
The piercing anger towards my body
The self doubt and unworthiness that became my background music

NaNoWriMo – Day 1

Day 1 is fully under my belt and right now I feel life around me exuberating ideas and creativity that I’ve never felt before. I don’t ever want this feeling to go away, which is what brought me to my blog so I can channel all this literary energy. I’d say I have the setting,…


Gearing up for NaNoWriMo! Comment your suggestions, tips from a professional, and words of encouragement!

Halloween Haikus

All haikus are written using the three words written in italics above the poem from a random word generator.  Gossip, attic, coffin The Gossip Sister’s rumors spread from the attic etched in their coffins Curiosity, train, ghost Curiosity brough the ghost upon the train to new dimensions Hope, knife, spider “But it’s our last hope!”…