Time Travel in my Morning Tea

Have you ever really watched a tea bag steep? Like took the time to watch the water turn to tea? This morning I spent two and a half minutes watching a Tazo passion tea bag paint the ceramic mug of hot water in deep fuchsia tones. It didn’t happen all at once, in fact it took maybe two milliseconds for the contents of this tea bag to feel the submerged heat hug the rose hips and hibiscus before it started its transformation. The corners of the bag slowly began to expel pink swirls in a smoke-like pattern at the bottom of the cup. Looking down into the steaming hot bath I noticed the ombre nature in which my tea was taking its shape; you see deep in the depths of this mug the circular clouds colored the water while leaving the top crystal clear. I thought that if I had a straw to sip the meniscus of water it wouldn’t have the slightest twinge of herbal infusion that was being spewed from the tea bag below.

Two more minutes have passed and the entire contents of my mug are now a perfectly balanced blend of tea. Peering down from above the rim I see the frame of my glasses, forehead, and eyes reflecting back at me in a pink hue. The bottom of the mug is completely lost and from this angle it almost looks as if my doppelganger is looking right back at me. Mimicking my every move, every raised eyebrow, every wink, blink, and nod. This mug of tea is no longer just that. That magical dance of color from the tea bag has created a porthole in time and space. The blending swirl from a clear liquid to a pomegranate blood bath was just time rippling and disintegrating in front of my eyes.

“How did this happen?”


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