The Rainbow Caravan: Why do you have to be so NEGATIVE?

The two week wait has come and gone and even then we couldn’t contain our excitement and anxious energy to get through the entire window without testing. Last Thursday night we decided to use the free pregnancy test that came in one of our Ovulation Predictor Kit boxes.

There we were in the bathroom tilting and contorting our arms looking at the test to investigate what looked like a super faint, almost-not-there but totally-might-be-there line that formed on the reader. We talked about how it could possibly be positive a positive test until we did a reality check that it was WAY too soon to tell.

Saturday morning we were camping with friends and family that totally can’t wait for us to become parents. With their influence and the thought in the back of my mind about the test on Thursday night, we decided to test again. This time there was absolutely nothing. Once again it was WAY too soon to tell.

We decided to wait until Wednesday morning to test again. That morning I woke up remembering my dream that night where we tested and received a super definite, there’s-no-way-of-interpreting-this-incorrectly line that announced our pregnancy. Unfortunately, reality kicked in with another stark negative test and at that point I couldn’t contain my emotions.

I had been experiencing boob pain like I’ve never had in my life. I gained a sense of smell that could rival that of a bloodhound, and now have bleeding gums that started this morning while brushing my teeth with a near dead spin brush. I feel like there’s no way that I’m not pregnant; however, the only actual way to tell is saying the complete opposite.


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