The Rainbow Caravan: According to Plan

Some behind the scenes stuff that threw a kink in things.

Lets rewind back to a previous post. One that involved our dog, treats, and two donor numbers. Roughly two weeks following that post we were filling out the donor information when we noticed that the donor our dog Brady selected no longer had the vials we needed to order. Thankfully our second choice still had vials available so we didn’t have to begin our search from the beginning.

Fast forward a bit to last Saturday and another previous Rainbow Caravan post (HIGH…What are You Doing Here?!). On all days to get a high reading on the ovulation predictor kit it had to be a Saturday. One of the two days that the cryobank we were planning on ordering from is closed. To make matters worse, we didn’t know if my high reading was the first day or not; therefore ordering on Monday could be taking a major risk. The other downfall was that our initial order stated that we wouldn’t be ordering until the following Wednesday, which would have made sense had my readings been the same as last month. And the last drawback was the two day window that this cryobank had as part of their standard shipping procedure. This brough our insemination window to a close as we wouldn’t receive the specimens in time to use them.

Panic set in. Andrea began her intensive research while I sat on the bathtub trying to fathom why I hit my high early. Within minutes she found a new cryobank and we were off looking for a new donor.

Monday came and Andrea contacted both cryobanks to cancel our paperwork with one and ask questions about ordering to another. Later that same day we placed an order for two vials from our brand new donor.

That next morning we sent celebratory gif after gif via text of our excitement that our shipment was in transit.

This is why I love this girl! I mean look at those spectacular gif choices!


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