The Rainbow Caravan: HIGH… What are you doing here?!

Just when you think you have this cycle figured out, Miss. Estrogen has a completely different plan in mind. Last month, my ovulation test didn’t provide a high reading until the 17th day of my cycle. In all honesty, last month we were concerned that I wouldn’t hit a high as we started testing at cycle day 10 as instructed on the box. Because I had seven low fertility days we decided to hold off testing this month until yesterday which was the 13th day of my cycle.

It was to be a great day. Andrea had planned a surprise date for us in the morning that had been on our calendar for months. A surprise that I couldn’t pry out of her no matter how hard I tried asking for hints. I woke up that morning and followed my usual testing routine. Grabbed a fresh testing strip, stuck it in the ovulation kit reader and did my business. The test rested on the vanity with the tip facing down when Andrea came in and started talking to me about our ordering plan. I picked up the test. My face, reflected back in the test window did not match the flashing smiley face that indicated a high reading. This changed everything. We weren’t expecting to see a high reading for another four days. FOUR DAYS!

Our original plan was to place the order on my first high reading. This would give us our specimen at the perfect time to inseminate on the day of my peak and then another insemination 12 hours after that. The cryobank that we are ordering from is not open on the weekend and there was no way to update our shipping instructions. No way to initiate the transaction. No one to talk to about our options. Do we roll the dice and instruct them on Monday to ship it or do we put it in storage for next month and pay the fee? We also didn’t know if this was my first, second, third, or fourth high reading. All we could do in that moment was plan on re-testing in the evening and continue to test in the coming days.

That night we had plans that included lots of candy, glow sticks, a float, and a two mile parade route. Following the parade, the group gathered at Andrea’s grandparents house for desserts and family time. Upstairs in the bathroom I’m surrounded by cute antique bathroom decorations as I clicked a testing strip into my ovulation kit reader and tested for a second time. Another high reading.

This morning we both watched as the reader indicated another blinking smiling face.

©Megan Matos, October 2017


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