The Rainbow Caravan: Leave it to the Dog

If there’s one thing to say about Andrea and I as a couple it’s that we can be extremely indecisive when shopping. That is unless Andrea really wants us to purchase something so she begins pitching the product to me better than any car dealer I know. The woman could seriously sell you a Beggin Strip on a paper plate.

Last Friday, Andrea suggested that we begin narrowing down our donor candidates as we will be ordering soon. We had selected the cryobank we were going to order from a while back and had already favorited a number of potential donors. We looked through our top five on Friday night, reading all the information that was provided in the free service and thought it was worth it to pay for the full subscription which came with baby photos, extended hand written profile, and an audio interview.

We devoured the profiles the second the information was unlocked to us which began a texting frenzy since Andrea was working.

“Aww did you see his baby picture?”
“His extended profile says he’s introverted but adventurous.”
“He said in his audio interview that he’s super indecisive and orders the same food when he goes out to eat at restaurants…sounds like someone I know, haha.”
“His great great something grandfather came here and settled in Boston from Britain… maybe his ancestor knew Sam Adams!”
“I like him.”
“I like him too but I also like the other guy.”
“Yeah me too. How do we decide?”

I proposed that we order one vial of each and use both in one cycle. That way we really have no idea which donor it was. Andrea proposed Beggin Strips on a paper plate.

The following afternoon we let the decision up to our dog, Brady. One paper plate sliced down the center with the number of our two favorite donors on the backside, two drool inducing Beggin Strips to top it off, and one Labrador puppy to make a very important decision.

And now the wait for high fertility begins.

©Megan Matos, September 2017


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