The Rainbow Caravan

Welcome to The Rainbow Caravan – a series of blog posts dedicated to the bumpy ride to lesbian motherhood. Yes, you read that correctly, a double whammy of feminine force ready to take on the world of baby making.

Andrea and I are your typical lesbians – lovers of cats, flannel, and sports; entertained by camping, drinking, music, and road trips. We met online in March of 2014, became a couple a few days following, and roommates shortly after that. We went from renters to homeowners and from happily engaged to gaily married. Our four legged family grew by a dog who is still trying to figure out life under our roof alongside his jealous cat brother. And with all of that we are ready to introduce a baby into our lives the old fashioned way; you know, at home with a “high fertility” reading on an ovulation predictor kit, headlamp on the highest setting, needle-less syringe at the ready, and Marvin Gaye on Spotify. However, before we jump to insemination, I give you a glimpse of our journey through blog posts.

My goal for this site is to document our experience and possibly help others who might be considering at-home incemination. I hope you enjoy reading about our journey to motherhood! 
©Megan Matos, September 2017


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