4.15.17 Our Wedding Day

The day of our wedding is one that I will never forget as it is the first page of the greatest chapter in my life.

It was a beautiful morning that started off with crepes by the pool. We lounged around all afternoon until it was time to get ready for our ceremony. After taking a dip and soaking up the Vegas sun we retreated to our room where we wrote out our wedding vows.

She laid on our bed while I sat at the table copying down the words that I had been writing and editing for weeks. At that very moment I saw her in a completely different light. I was so ready to make her my wife, ready for the journey of our lives together. I couldn’t stop smiling.

My soon to be sister-in-law, Paula, came over to style my hair while Andrea and her brother, Jer, took a trip to buy a new bow tie since we forgot to pack hers in our luggage. Following my hair and Andrea’s return, we waited for the call from the limo driver when a delivery of flowers came to our room from my cousin, Shaheen and her husband, Nick. It was the sweetest surprise. We plucked flowers from the arrangement and pinned them in my hair.

We loaded into the limo and headed to the chapel. Upon arriving we finalized the paperwork, received our flowers, and did a brief run through of the ceremony. The white gazebo, decorated with flowers and greenery was the perfect location for our wedding.

The music started and I took my dads arm as he walked me down the aisle towards the love of my life. My excitement and nerves started dancing in my stomach as soon as we reached the gazebo. She looked stunning with her hair styled, perfectly tied bow tie, and a smile that I’d never seen before. Her luminous cheekbones were lifted so high and her eyes were aglow. There was no doubt of our love for one another as we exchanged our vows and rings. Bubbling with joy we smiled  as the officiant stated that “we may celebrate our marriage with a kiss.” In that moment my heart erupted with happiness and love – this woman is finally my wife and I couldn’t be any happier.

I promise to cherish, trust, and respect her. I will love her unconditionally and choose her ever day. She is the breath in my lungs that gives me energy, the light of my life that keeps me safe, and the fire in my heart that’s been burning since the day we met. I love her, forever and always.


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      Thank you!! 😊

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