Something Blue

Ten days from today, Andrea and I, along with an intimate group of family members will be catching a plane to Las Vegas. Twelve days from today, Andrea and I will be exchanging our vows and beginning the next chapter of our lives together as a married couple. Thirteen days from today, Andrea and I will land back in Pennsylvania as Mrs. and Mrs.

One year, ten months, and seventeen days ago was the best day of my life. That night the sky was filled with stars, the fire was crackling at our feet, and we were surrounded by family when Andrea got down on one knee and asked to marry me.

Three years and sixteen days ago was the night that changed my life forever. It was the night that we first met, a night I will never forget.

Two days ago I gave a piece of the canvas of my soul to the one that I love. That special night three years and sixteen days ago will forever be a part of us. As a wedding gift to us both, Andrea designed a tattoo to remember where it all began. And with just blue and black ink it will forever remain on our bodies.

Sitting on the black leather chair with the smell of sterilized air in my nostrils and my left arm propped, I let the tattoo artist mark my body with a tattoo I’d never seen before. Following the tattoo, Andrea gave me a note she had written outlining its significance. With tears of euphoria, my soul fell even deeper in love with her at that very moment.

She is my world. My life. My arrow.



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  1. Szilard Biro says:

    This was the shortest and the loveliest romantic story i have ever read 😀 really brought a smile to my face, thank you! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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