A Trip Back In Time In Photos

I recently stumbled upon my old Flickr account from high school. I was taking a digital photography class in my senior year and our Flickr account is where we submitted our assignments. It was more than just taking the photo, editing it, and posting it to the site. Our teacher encouraged us to join Flickr groups and wanted us to view our peers work to see what they’ve done with each assignment.

This is a reflective piece where I look back and give some insight into some of my favorite images that I’ve photographed and why.

Participate in my Writing Challenge, details at the end of this post!

Day 30 Outdoor Rug

This photo is my profile picture for my Flickr account and was taken on the back deck at my parent’s house. It was part of an assignment in class that we had to take a photo of ourselves every day for 100 days. The photos only needed to have an aspect of us present so they weren’t all just pictures of our faces.


Bullfight in Spain ’06

This photo and overall culture experience is one that I will never forget. This photo was taken in Sevilla, Spain at an afternoon bullfight. This was one photo that I posted to my Flickr site that was not taken during the school year.


This photo was taken at my parent’s house. It was a old and clearly rusted metal rocking outdoor love seat. That metal seat sat on the back porch for years just slowly crumbling and flaking away to burnt red dust. I don’t remember anyone actually sitting on it but it made for a great subject for my assignment.

Spiral Notebook

This is probably one of my favorite images. Starring my Five Star® notebook it says a lot from that perspective. I love the texture of the worn out folders, pages, and back cardboard and the repetitive nature of the spiral circles leading to that black hole that is daunting school work.


Wedding Cake

This photo was my first photography experience where it truly mattered. My aunt hired me as her wedding photographer and looking back on it now I wish I would have gotten my hands on a nicer camera with better features.



Hanging by a Memory

This photo tempts my senses and reminds me of my childhood. Whether my dad dusted off those beat up records or my mom had the radio on in the kitchen while cleaning, the house was always filled with music. These records had such a distinct smell too. A smell that felt fuzzy to your nose and smelled both sweet and musty at the same time.


Writing Challenge:

I am planning on writing a short story or poem about each of these photos in the next couple of weeks as a writing prompt challenge.

If you are having trouble getting started on a blog post, grab one of my photos (please give me credit for those photos on your page by using this in the caption: “Photo by Megan Matos“) and start writing! Comment on this post with a link to your latest post using one of my photos so I can see what you’ve created!

©Megan Matos, December 2016


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  1. E.S. Moore says:

    Hi Megan,
    I just wanted to tell you that I remember your parents’ house being filled with music, too… Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
    Beth Moore (née Sanger)
    Alison Moffett’s sister

    Liked by 1 person

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