Big Gray Wolf

Write a fairy tale from a different point of view.

Once upon a time there was a big gray wolf that moved to a town of little pink pigs. He felt like an outcast in the town but had high hopes of turning his life around in a new place much different from where he once called home.

It’ll take some time to get used to the area,” the wolf thought to himself while in line at the pharmacy picking up his allergy medication. The pigs were staring at him. Piglets wailed at the sight of his hairy body. Sows covered the eyes of their offspring as if to shield them from the horror. If only they knew what he was going through.

His seasonal allergies were flaring up in this town. The hay did a number on his sinuses, giving him powerful hurricane force sneezes and a slimy nose he never could catch in time.

On the way home that afternoon he passed the first little pig’s house in his neighborhood. He was outside adding some straw siding to his garage. “I should introduce myself,” the wolf thought, “we are neighbors and all, maybe I can make a friend.” The wolf made a turn up the walkway. “Why hello there new neighbor,” the wolf said with a big smile on his face. Before the pig could reply the wolf felt a twinge in his nose.

“Oh no!” he thought, “my allergies!”

Ah – Ahh – Ahhh-ACHOOOOOOOO!

The delicate straw went blasting through the air, exposing the pig’s wife and piglet sitting in the living room. The boar, still holding straw siding in his hooves turned apple red with a flared snout and exclaimed, “get away from here wolf! Look at what you’ve done!”

The wolf took off on all fours, carrying the pharmacy bag in his mouth.

The next morning the wolf woke up to a bright new day and decided to go on a bike ride. When he pulled his bike out of the garage he saw the second little pig geared up for a ride as well. “I’m going to say hello, maybe he will show me a nice bike trail to ride on,” the wolf thought as he pushed his bike up to the house made of sticks.

“Good morning,” the wolf announced, placing his hand on the side of the second pig’s stick house. “Do you mind if I join you,” he questioned, motioning to the pig’s bike.

“Well -” the pig began nervously, “I normally like to ride my bike with my family.” As if on cue his wife and two piglets came trudging out from the house. Tripping down the steps was the youngest. The wolf jumped into action and saved the piglet from a crash landing. Little did the wolf know, his massive bike toppled over in the commotion snapping the sticks in half, which brought down the house like toppling dominoes.

“Get away from here wolf! Look at what you’ve done!” the second pig exclaimed with rage, ripping his son from the wolf’s furry paws.

Apologizing, the wolf took his bike from the pile of sticks and headed for the hills. He spent three nights in the cold dark woods thinking about how to start over with the neighborhood.

The night he returned back to the town of the little pink pigs, he noticed a large crowd at the third pig’s home in his neighborhood. “This is perfect,” the wolf thought, “with all the pigs and their families together I can apologize for what I’ve done and finally introduce myself.” 

Walking up to the brick home he knocked on the door with new confidence. “Hello, may I come in,” the wolf stated, “I have a few things I’d like to say to everyone.” From the doorway he could see all eyes were on him with disapproving looks.

“Sure, come in,” the pig squeaked, closing the door behind the wolf.

Not much was told about what happened that night; however, the following day the wolf was at work, building brick homes for the two little pigs in his neighborhood. Unfortunately, his allergies never did go away, but thanks to the brick homes the wolf had nothing to worry about when he visited with his new pig friends.


The end.

©Megan Matos, November 2016
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  1. sarahbruso says:

    That was really cute and I love how you changed up the perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. matosm32 says:

      Thank you for reading!!


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