Mystery Date – New Hope, PA

There’s something to be said about experiencing a place for the first time. But there’s even more to be said about experiencing a place for the first time that you had no idea you were going to visit.

Saturday morning my fiancee surprised me with a mystery date. I had no idea we had plans or where we were going but she had the day beautifully outlined. I love when she does this because she always plans something fun and I can tell that she gets pleasure out of surprising me.

We got in the car, grabbed a quick bite to eat, laughed and sang to Pandora all the way to destination unknown. The whole way I thought about what we could possibly be doing on a Saturday afternoon in October. I knew my sense of direction wouldn’t aid in my discovery of adventure so I enjoyed the ride and soaked in the afternoon with her.

We pulled into a little town called New Hope, Pennsylvania. The streets were blooming with people touring the area and visiting the local businesses and eateries. The eclectic shops that lined the main streets were full of surprises and unique items.

Outside one particular shop was an upscale yard sale where we got our hands on a beautiful hand made cutting board. She took me to Farley’s Bookshop, an old corner store packed with more wonder and discovery than the hundreds of books on the shelves could possibly possess. We tested our taste buds with pumpkin pie and buffalo wing flavored popcorn from Cluster’s Caramel Corn. From the street we found a sign that perfectly described our home, which read “this house runs on laughter and bottles of really cold beer,” which we knew would complete our kitchen perfectly.  Our hands, filled with goodies from the area headed to Triumph Brewing Company for dinner and of course to indulge in a pint of seasonal pumpkin ale.

“This was just the first half of our mystery date,” she said with a smile before taking a sip of beer. After roughly 20 questions and numerous hints I was finally able to guess our next adventure, which was seeing Melissa Ferrick at the New Hope Winery. We finished our dinner on the patio overlooking the train station and took off to our next adventure.

Look for a second blog post about the rest of our evening!

©Megan Matos, October 2016


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