Mystery Date – Melissa Ferrick Concert

From dinner we traveled to the New Hope Winery for the Melissa Ferrick concert. We entered the event space to find small tables surrounding the stage, each with a maroon table cloth, table number,  and candle centerpiece.

We took our seats at table 72 which lined the back wall of the venue. Our table, like the others, was seated for four which gave us the anxious notion of having to share our space with others. We purchased a bottle of Pinot Gris and waited for the show to begin by forming characters in our head of who would likely share the table with us. Thankfully, the show began and our two seats remained empty.

The show opened with Brian Dunne, a singer/songwriter with a calming country sound and intriguing stage presence. He played a few songs and filled the space between each track with a brief glimpse into his life, who he is influenced by, and a comical story about being pulled over as a musician. His music resonated with the crowd and was a great headliner for the lady of the hour, Melissa Ferrick.

This was the first time I had ever seen her perform. Andrea had been a fan of hers from the start and this was the second time she’d seen her live. Melissa took the stage and lit up the crowd. Everyone in the audience either wanted to be her or wanted to date her – either way you were loving her.

I held Andrea as the show began. Looking over I could see her mouthing the words along with the music, feel her tapping her foot in time with the beat, and smiling after hearing the first plucks of the guitar strings of the next song. I could feel our souls dancing with the music as we cuddled at our table. Many times that night I thanked those lucky stars that I met her, the one, my everything.

I watched as Melissa poured her heart out onto the stage. Her lyrics are so beautifully written with such life, love, and pain all blended together and performed with a purpose full of passion. She felt every note she played as it was a full body experience. Closing her eyes you could tell she was watching the music paint a masterpiece in her mind. I put my head on Andrea’s shoulder a few times and felt the music flow through me. It was an amazing and intimate experience.

Following the show, Andrea and I grabbed our bottle and joined the line for autographs. She signed our bottle and was so eager to say hello and congratulate us on our engagement. I hope to see her again – preferably in our favorite city, Boston!

©Megan Matos, October 2016
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  1. Benzo says:

    Nice sentiments! Keep the posts coming (and never give up the Oxford comma).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. matosm32 says:

      Oxford comma for life!!!


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