Haikus About Our Cats


Oh the humanity!

A ONE bathroom home
TWO cats – THREE litter boxes
– We are not worthy.



You cuddle my head
And wake me up each morning
Claws deep in my face.

Whoa, what just happened?
Puncture wounds below left eye
Malicious attack?

 Science with Cats

Fresh water and food
Separate bowls, one dry, one wet
Floating is a food boat.


Tip-toes at the edge
Frolics between the curtains
A peeping tom cat

Water, drips, steam, heat
Shower curtain, wall, faucet
“Must lick the water!”

Bathroom Attendant

“I am here for you
Please pet me while you go poop
You never tip me!”

“Special bonding time
All this attention on me
Whoa, what did you eat?”



The Great Outdoors

“Meow! Let me outside
I’d like to gnaw on the grass
And lay in the dirt”

Everyday they ask
Exploration is their thing
Calling for the birds

Beverage Connoisseurs

Water in a glass
Is somehow more appealing
Than their water dish

Cover your glasses
Unless you want a cat tongue
Dipping in to drink

©Megan Matos, October 2016




One Comment Add yours

  1. Donna Marie says:

    i love haikus… you are inspiring me thank you blessings 🙂


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