Character Sketching Monday – Sunday

Write a character sketch or brief interview as if each day of the week were a person.

Monday. “People tend to avoid me and tell me that I should get help for my anxious behavior, realistic thoughts that are “always so negative,” and the intense shakes that I get after I finish my pot of coffee in the morning. I’m always swamped with a lengthy to do list and have issues waking up in the morning since I started taking pills to help me sleep.”

Tuesday. “I just started college and have everything neat, organized, and planned out to help keep me on track. I despise lint, social situations that involve more than one other person, and being tormented because I’m a good student. My favorite things include tea, books, and alone time. I graduated valedictorian from a very expensive private school when I was 15.”

Wednesday. “I’m a register sex offender who was wrongfully charged after an incident involving a trench coat. My hair is neither here nor there but looks complete when I wear a hat. I recently upgraded to new glasses with a thinner lens, giving me a more ‘modern’ edge and making me more approachable to the opposite sex. I frequent the bar that I live beside and have become part of the family of others like myself who just want to have fun no matter what time of day or day of the week it is.”

Thursday. “I’m a strong and independent woman in my 20s who doesn’t need a man or any GMOs in my life. I teach yoga and volunteer at an animal shelter and center for women. I ride a 10 speed that I got from a thrif store. It’s my most prize possession other than my hydroponic herb and vegetable garden that takes up a good portion of my flat.”

Friday. “Call me the jock, the popular guy, the “gift from God” to all the ladies, whatever you’d like. My life consists of a one hour general education class that starts at noon and then an afternoon full of day drinking, beer pong, and bong hits with my boys. Everyone says I’ll probably never graduate because of my grades and shit but I’m leaving that up to the new pledges to get my papers written and cheating with the answer keys for my exams that I scored from the pledge master. It’s good to know people.”

Saturday. “Call me your neighborhood sex and drug slinger. I wake up in the afternoon when the cleaning ladies drop off towels and their half of the drug money they owe me from the night before. I usually hang out in the parking lot of the motel starting at 4. You’d be surprised by how many men like to get off and then hit the diner for a quick snack before heading to take their kids to football practice. My shift ends when I make enough cash to pick up my next cut of crystal. It’s all about the checks and balances, ya know, supply and demand or whatever.”

Sunday. “I just started kindergarten. I’m real good at swinging on the swings and coloring. My parents take me to church and pick me up when the music stops. We go for lunch after that and I show them my crafts. After my favorite tv show is my bedtime.”

©Megan Matos, October 2016
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